Empty Spaces 

Today Lesley needed to go to get some make up from Debenhams. We decided to go to The White Rose Centre. I know it’s midweek, but I am amazed that there aren’t more retailers going out of business. There was a distinct lack of footfall and shop assistants were just twiddling their fingers. 

Empty Spaces

Soulless spaces

Once vibrant places

Echoing with muzak

Shops back to back

Empty and desolate

Some closed indefinite

Gone are the kids

Disney on the skids

M&S no customers today

Not even for old biddies lingerie

Argos now apologetically sat in a corner

Awaiting a buyer like Little Jack Horner

No coffee and buns at Patisserie Valerie

The end is quickly becoming a reality

Online has finally taken its toll

On a once thriving Leeds shopping mall


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