Yesterday was Mothering Sunday. I went over to Hornsea to see my mum. It is easy to take for granted what mums have done for you in the past. It is easy to forget when the tables turn and they need your help. A little poem that asks the question “Mums...who needs them?”
(By the way the picture is the earliest photo I have of me, Lesley and my brother with my mum). 


Mums...who needs them?
Cleaning up after all your mess
A listening ear, to sooth your stress
Checking that you’re safe and well
Who dote on you when you excel

Mums...who needs them?
Making sure your pants are clean
Before going out,check that you’ve been
Pick your washing up from the floor
Walk straight in, don’t knock on the door

Mums...who needs them?
Worry that you’ll come a cropper
Get into trouble with the local copper
Make a cake for your special day
Slap on the Grecian before they go grey

Mums...who needs them?
Smother you with unconditional love
To be the best friend a bloke could have
Forgive your mistakes as if they didn’t happen
Encourage you in following your passion

Mums...who needs them?
Ask someone who hasn’t got one!


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