The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is one of our favourite places...full stop. The ever changing scenery is complemented by wonderful art exhibitions, which are either displayed in the purpose built galleries or are strategically placed around the park. We visit at least once a quarter and every time we go we are excited at the art and countryside on display. 

This is a poem I wrote some time back. The pictures are from our latest visit this week. 


There’s something wonderful about YSP
For a moment in time you feel ecstatically free
Wandering through parkland that’s spectacularly undulating
Where nature and human intervention are constantly evolving
Holding back the excitement of finding new treasures
Of intrigue and wonderment in equal measures 
Highlights for me were  pieces by Kaws 
Pop art in the extreme deserving applause 
Silver pieces  lovingly crafted by Not Vital 
Or colourful insights by Paolozzi delightful
Then there’s the spectacular tree by Ai WeiWei 
A man constantly challenging not always free
Who could forget the poppies by Cummins and Piper
Where crowds meandered through like a wriggling viper
There’s too many masterpieces to detail in this rhyme
Of which I have contemplated and savoured time after time
For me for art this inspiring place is truly the bench mark
The uplifting, thought provoking, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. 


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