And here’s the news...(5th May 2019)

Here is my latest poetic take on the taken from The Sunday Times

And here’s the news...

And here’s the news...

Williamson’s fighting back

After May gave him the sack

Parents should be fined for swearing

I can’t see that fucking working

Radio 4 presenters interrupting 

A bit of a stew about deliveroo delivering 

Queen now richer, richer than the Queen

May luring reluctant labour fuelling the Brexit machine

Millions ponder H on Line of Duty

Still waiting for the bloody Royal Baby

No police cells to lock em up

Man City women win the FA Cup

Liverpool victory still clinging on

More plans to renationalise by Mr Corbyn

Brexit stockpiling helped the economy

Cabi, door to door selling to make more money

Kiefer Sutherland takes his songs on the road

Prince Charles now a bloody B&B landlord

So that’s the end of my news in rhymes

From today’s edition of the Sunday Times. 



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