Are We All Mad?

This morning I was thinking about what is the difference between someone who is sane and someone who is a little mad. It got me thinking that if you can break through the facade that we all put up when in public, I think more of us would accept that we have one or two “mad” tendencies.  Now I don’t mean axe murderer type tendencies but just some idiosyncrasies that set us apart from being “normal” whatever that is?


Are we all mad

Just a little

Just a teeny weeny bit

All set, just off the middle

Just south of being normal

If being normal is a thing

There’s an idiosyncrasy

Inside most of us

It’s what makes us different

Different from those who

Are described as sane

Or is sane the same

As being boring

Being vanilla

Like a magnolia covered blank bare wall

Like someone who knows it all

Or thinks they have it all

But are they hiding

Their little bit of insanity

Are they craving to be

Different like the rest of us

Deliciously delirious

Desperately distracted

Occasionally crazed

Frantically hair-brained

Just a little bit interesting....


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