As we get older we can all choose how we live. There are many choices...some easier than others. No two people are the same and therefore what’s right for one won’t be right for others. My poem today explores some of the choices we make. 


As the years pass
There are choices
To be made
To grow old gracefully
Or grow old disgracefully
To live an active life
Or live a sedentary life
To occasionally go for a run
Or permanently sit on the bum
To be tee total
Or to drown in alcohol
To visit distant places
Or stay with familiar faces
To have a balanced diet
Or indulge in a daily fry up
To save for a rainy day
Or spend up before pay day
To be in a crowd feel all at home
Or to be isolated all alone
To engage in face to face communication
Or to totally rely on gadget electrification
To live life with one soulmate
Or be a fluttering butterfly on a date
To be guided by daily challenging goals
Or to waft along like long lost souls
To take care in appearance dress to impress
Or to wear scruffy rags couldn’t care less
To continue to develop read lots of books
Or watch reality tv, think education sucks
As the years pass
There are choices 
To be made
To make the right choice
There is only one voice
That voice is yours!


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