Laptop Dancer

This poem was inspired by my laptop crashing and me losing a document I have been working on for over 18 months!

Laptop Dancer

She’s a little bit qwerty

A little bit dirty

Flirting with her electric charms

Embracing me with virtual arms

To let me work, to let me play 

She’ll let me turn her on each day

Tapping twinkling on her keys

Her curser flashing, such a tease

Mistakes I’ve always made a few

Deleting following a thorough review

There’s times I want to escape her

Control alt and delete her

There’s times I simply can’t compute

And inflict on her a total reboot

Our memories are never lost

Well hopefully fingers crossed

Like an elephant she’ll recover

New items for me to discover

However there’s always the danger 

She’ll treat me like a stranger

Stop streaming due to a virus

Lose my file and cause a crisis

Host a bug like an invasive cancer

A love hate relationship with a laptop dancer


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