A Murmuration

In life how often does something happen that makes you stop and think? How many times do you say “that’s put life into perspective”? How many times do you say to yourself “why am I worrying about such insignificant nonsense?” How long does this feeling last before we are once again back living our life and again caught up in stuff that really is not that important in the grand scheme of things?

These thoughts were the inspiration for todays’s poem;

A Murmuration

There are times in our life

When we stop and take stock

When we momentarily get off humanity’s treadmill

When we reassess our reason for being

Our chosen path, the route we take

When our worries seem so trivial 

So needless, so futile, so self inflicted

So dictated by social norms,and conformity

So insignificant that we are ashamed

Ashamed of how we feel and what we feel

At that juncture we change 

Change just a little, realign ourselves with reality

With the true meaning of living 

Like a starling murmuration

Things change course rapidly but disappear too soon

Overcome obsessively with ones pitiful woes

We descend back to where it all began. 


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