Human Space

Today we had a fantastic day in Ramsgate and Broadstairs. The sun shined, for once, on a bank holiday weekend, and the crowds descended onto the beach. It got me thinking though. How come we spend most of our life seeking more space but when the sun comes out we huddle together on a crowded beach...and love it!

Human Space

Humans are a funny species
We long for more space
A bigger house, an extension
A garden with a large luxuriant lawn
A bigger car, space on a train
A bed on a first class flight
Take delight in a queen sized bed
Get shirty when the council
Wants to build in my back yard
Find it hard when stuffed on a tube
Get in a mad mood when someone
Anyone invades my space
Can’t win the race to get
To the front of the queue
Feel blue when there’s just too many people
So why on earth do we descend 
Like sheep on steroids and speed
When the sun hits the sky
Why oh why do we decide to flee
Leave the town and city
To be beside the sea.


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