Tin Can Torture

Last week we had to travel back from York on a train with no air conditioning, on the hottest day in Yorkshire, probably ever! It was not a great experience to say the least...

Tin Can Torture

Trapped tortured in a snake like tin can

Strangers simmering slowly in the stifling furnace

Grown men reduced to shallow shadows 

Melting into their sweaty shirts and pants

Beats over ears can’t prevent millennial tears

Or babies bawling in their mothers ears

There’s a fleeting relief with a waft

A disturbance of air by shuffling zombies

Tracking searching a desperate desire

A craving a longing for life giving liquid

There’s no god no angel looking over

These travellers no relief from this incarceration

Only a desperation for the nightmare to end

To be released to an awaiting world 

To once again breathe and be free


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