Turnips and Swedes

Last night, somehow we got into a discussion about what were turnips and what were swedes. I didn’t realise there was such confusion out there. But I was wrong! I have got to admit I am fairly ambivalent about the subject as I am not a great fan of either! However, forget Brexit, this is the subject that is dividing the nation. 

Turnip v Swede

Debate so heated in Devon

The topic of turnip and swede 

Arguments twenty four seven

Total confusion indeed

Now today I checked Wikipedia 

To finally settle the score

Today’s informative encyclopaedia 

To end this turnip swede war

Now I’m afraid it wasn’t conclusive

It seems geography is key

A definitive answer is elusive

No one can seem to agree

In the north one is a turnip

In the south it is a swede

Come on guys let’s get a grip

It’s only a bloody veg...agreed?


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