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Leafy Outpost

Sometimes when you meet people what you see doesn’t necessarily represent what’s going on beneath the surface. Leafy Outpost  In a leafy outpost where tranquility lays side by side with nature.  Where flighted birds animate the sky and squirrels scamper up lush green trees wafting in the breeze.  In a place where no one would suspect lives a troubled soul.  Surviving on instinct against the perpetual commentary that he is so lucky, so fortunate.  Behind the envied espoused image of the perfect life, lies a bleak tortuous reality of a man fighting himself.  As each day passes, he lays a marker that he survived, that he floated above deep dark issues.  He wants to be free, be normal, interact with humanity like others seem to do.  He wants to smile, not just for selfies, but because he can’t help it.  He wants to laugh, share jokes, transform existence to another level.  He wants to cry, when he sees something melancholy, not because he can’t help it.  Lookin