The Masterpiece

Yesterday we went to The Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. Spending time looking at paintings by David Hockney and Alan Davie inspired me to write the following poem written from the point of view of the painting itself...

The Masterpiece

Hanging patiently revelling in my gloriousness

Waiting for glances offered in my direction

I exist to amuse, to confuse, to spark conversation

To extract opinion from those who know

To entice a reaction from those who don’t

There are those who pass with a cursory glance

There are those who stand engrossed in a trance

I speak in silence about sexuality about humanity 

About insanity, immortality, immorality and brutality

I speak volumes about my creator

Transmitting their emotions with every brushstroke

With every choice of colour palette 

With far reaching composition and texture. 

Exposing their inner most thoughts, beliefs and ideas to live forever on canvass. 


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