An Eighties Rhyme

Beautiful day walking on sunshine

Come on let’s dance be mine

Be like those girls on film 

Me Tarzan boy come swim

In lavender fields with me

Only you can set me free

On Echo Beach the harder I try

This never ending story bleeds me dry

I know you’re a modern girl

You sexy thing, too shy, like a pearl

Each day I’ve been living in a box

Use your imagination, don’t go to detox 

I’ve been searching big fun

Since I was 19 with Geno’s mum

You were a centrefold, a good heart

Our lips were sealed and that was a start

As a slave to love I have to bite my tongue

As we had it too much too young

You with Black Man Ray and Leo

Me showing out like a man child in Rio

Hey you and the Rocksteady crew 

Had such big fun became respectable, grew

My senses working overtime, feeling I’m turning Japanese

Such a good life ,able to do the buffalo stance with such ease

Like I was dancing in the street giving a rebel yell

I wanted to say let’s go all the way, could you tell

I didn’t ask your name until you told me it was Kayleigh

I took you to Vienna it was in Lockdown a ghost town

I know this felt like the road to nowhere, don’t frown

Don’t worry be happy, like the Ashes to Ashes clown

We’re solid, and it’s my life and I’ll be right here waiting

I’ll be like China in your hand alive and kicking

Look love changes everything and I’m still standing

Come on dear be a super trouper don’t feel guilty

I know I should have told you that I’m coming out

Don’t leave me this way please don’t shout

In the purple rain you said this will never tear us apart

We had a crazy little thing called love, true euphoria

But now I’m shacked up with a father figure 

A transvestite called Gloria!


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