And Here’s The News (13th April 2020)

Boris out of hospital looks a bit peeky

Plenty of issues still with distributing PPE

Milan lump in throat Andre Bocelli

We’ll all have to wear masks to stay bleeding healthy

Nutters on the quiet roads some caught speeding

Business insurance not paying out quite disappointing

Lockdown still under ministerial review

In Spain back to work for a selected few 

50 million pints of beer left in pubs

Bathing 6 feet apart on holiday still no hugs

Thank god another series of Killing Eve

Tim Brooke Taylor dead RIP cant believe 

As for the death of legend Stirling Moss

Peter Bonnetti, goalkeeper another great loss

Tiger King still getting Netflix airtime

FaceTiming friends pissing up on wine

And news in the Sun paper today

Can you spot the naked butterfly painted lady. 

Good day! 


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