And Here’s The News (5th May 2020)

Normal People smashes bingeing records

Tracing app will it reap any rewards?

Concorde Captain dies of Covid 19

Conor Burns Minister becomes another has been

Infected volunteers may have to test drugs

Rosie Wicks steps in to plenty of hugs

The deadly disease has killed a Strangler

In many States there is still lockdown anger

Baseball is back to bare empty ball parks

BA boss sued over Grindr remarks 

Wine left breathing’s a bloody waste of time

People posted charges for serious crime

Microbe in mosquitoes can block malaria

The murder hornet may develop US hysteria

The service sector slumps 80 percent

Oil prices rise as more people are present

Prefab homes make a comeback in Selby

Back to 1946 car sales that are unhealthy

Pain in the teeth, do it yourself fillings

Too much running may develop misgivings

Well that’s the news in silly rhymes

From today’s online edition of The Times. 


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