I Forget Why

I forget why? Or when, I decided to do this thing. A run a day to challenge me. To pass the time till spring...maybe. Or to try to lose the excess inches or to try to please my princess. 

I forget why? I’d only done five days before when training like a marathon bore. Day after day the days were ticked off. Despite a cough a lot of scoff I’d soon completed a week. In spite of lack of credible technique and my legs that were antique. 

I forget why? I pledged to go onwards, forwards to infinity and beyond as Buzz would say from a distant pond. A month passed and we were in Sri Lanka. On a thing they used to call a holiday. 

I forget why? This distant land I knew I had to conquer. The streak it continued mercilessly until we were in isolation. 

I forget why? Bombarded by instruction, education,a nation in lockdown. I decided I could continue the streak in our beautiful bluebell wood. 

I forget why? When yesterday I passed a place of peace. A place overflowing with kindness, funding on the decrease. 

I forget why? At that moment I felt I needed to help. Maybe it was nothing but fate just this. To support The Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice. So please, while you are surviving lockdown living. Please pay a visit to my page at Just Giving. 


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