Reflections in Lockdown

Blank faces pass in a blur

No time to stop, no time to care

Wrapped and cocooned in pity

Driven to despair by another committee

Steps we take that go nowhere

Recorded on a device from a billionaire. 

Exhaling pollution like it’s going out of fashion

Energy wasted on a pretty pointless passion

We pity the pavement ne’er-do-wells

Turn our noses up at unsociable smells

Make a beeline to avoid the nutter

Selling Big Issue from another gutter

Our meaningless lives lost in the moment

Ignore these folk like a rancid rodent

But times do change our mindsets too

Sitting at home with nothing to do

But think how selfish we’ve all become

What enabled us to all succumb

To a world where lives weren’t equal 

There’s going to be no thrilling sequel

When lockdown’s unlocked and people flock

To towns and cities, let’s take stock

To remember those who matter most

The guy who continued to deliver post

Those stacking shelves to give you toast

The Just Eat man delivering Sunday roast

Health workers, social care, people beyond compare

Bus drivers, train driver those who got you there

When this is done and it’s all over, its’s not the millionaires

But essential workers doing their thing that answered all our prayers. 


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