Nothing could keep these folk in the shade

The scarecrow builders of Woodland Glade

Lockdown here has not been wasted

Ingenious efforts have been created

Bill and Ben lit up their garden

Sombrero scrubber, boobs like Dolly Parton

Keep two metres apart warns the PC

The little mermaid relaxing under the sea

Hagrid leant against a car

Lockdown arms a virtual bar

Superman clings to a wall

Crowds in the streets loving it all

Jo Wicks PE there for all to see

Golfers playing off the tee

Campers, boozers fishermen too

Mario proud in his dungarees blue

Worzel Gummidge and his aunt Sally

People exploring every snicket and ally

Scary beings with a severed hand

Donald Trump with his Domestos brand

Spongebob square pants has a wave

Girl doing her exam, must behave

Marilyn Monroe with her dress all floaty

A pirate with his sword and little goatee

Elsa, Olaf a little Frozen

Smiles abound not one but a dozen

Aliens look out it’s Doctor Who

Minions, Potter, and Poppins too

Apologies to those I fail to mention

This was certainly not my intention

But so numerous was the participation

With scarecrows in every location

That this poem would have gone on forever

Today made me proud to be resident, however

We may not yet have covid immunity

Today we’ve become a closer knit community


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