Tai Chi

Love is it really for me?

This oriental fad tai chi

You’ll love it you see!

Besides first session’s free

Sold to the Yorkshire man

Try free one, that’s the plan

Martial arts I am not a fan

I’ll never be a black belt Dan

I’m not that flexible not that bendy

Can’t put leg in places not meant to be

Don’t worry love it’s complementary 

Won’t pay a penny can recover by Wednesday

Cajoled and bullied in equal measure

I tried to be positive hide my displeasure 

Succumbed to a bit of peer pressure 

She said I would feel much much better

Dance studio stood in the centre

Avoiding eye contact of Tai Chi mentor

Breathing stretching I tried not to surrender

To the glare of women the opposite gender

Tiger, deer, bear, golden rooster, crane

Snake creeps down am I going insane

Repulse the monkey feel the pain

Most of the commands it’s hard to explain 

He said I’d feel the positive energy

Rid myself of my usual lethargy

Practice at home commit to memory

You’ll love it you see the ancient Tai Chi!


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