VE Day

“My dear friends this is your hour”

Your time to celebrate our freedom

From your locked down world,

Where all seems grim and bleak,

Where normality seems a distant memory

How life now would have been 

So different though, but for the sacrifice 

of the brave men and women of our land

Who gave all to protect this country from a visible foe

Today we should have been wrapped 

In each other’s arms dancing in the street

Sharing a toast and hope with our loved ones

In hostelries in towns and cities, at the coast and in villages

But here we are shut down at home 

Looking out onto the world outside

That’s waiting to embrace us again

That’s waiting to celebrate defeating the unseen enemy

The killer of so many innocent friends and family

Our troops are our heroes, the medics and key workers

Who risk their lives so that future generations

Will be able to lift their glasses

Toast our generation for defeating this invisible foe

It won’t just be victory in Europe but victory for the world. 

In the meantime let’s take a quiet moment

Raise your glass and say cheers,  

For those who laid the foundation for peace 

In our country, for 75 years. 


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