I miss the unbridled freedom

I miss being as one in a crowd

I miss flicking through pages in bookshops 

I miss flying off to foreign lands. 

I miss the sand caressing my feet

I miss dipping my toe into the ocean

I miss being moved to tears in the movies

I miss the buzz and bustle of busy bars. 

I miss the aroma of coffees in piazzas

I miss vertiginous views over crowded cities

I miss catching teas and cakes on corners

I miss sailing silently into setting sunsets

I miss clambering up to the tops of mountains

I miss strolling through moors of purple heather

I miss being self absorbed in art 

I miss the sound of willow on leather

I miss ice creams licked on lively piers

I miss being cosseted in rooms with views

I miss the eclectic tunes of foreign tongues

I miss travelling through history in museums

I miss the lure of live loud music

I miss manicured gardens to stroll through 

I miss flashing lights and fun of the fair

But most of all, miss being with you! 


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