Just Lying

Life begins

Just lying  

Occasionally crying

Then crawling

Sometimes bawling

First stepping

Confident walking

Hesitant running

Start cycling 

Stabiliser removing

Wobbly riding 

Long biking

School sports competing

Exams taking

Some even passing

University starting

Degree completing

A bit of travelling

Work commencing

Serious dating

Mr and Miss right engaging

A fairy tale wedding

Kids conceiving

Gender revealing

Baby showering

Painful birthing

Lovely christening

First birthday celebrating

Watch them growing

School starting

School leaving

University starting

University leaving

Kids marrying

Grand children birthing

Family outing

Start hiking

Think about retiring

Finish working

Increase holidaying

A bit of gardening

Back starts hurting

Hips need replacing

Increase use of zimmer framing

Legs stop walking

Need supporting

No longer stepping

Memory fading

Feel like bawling

Struggling crawling

Just lying

Then dying. 


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