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The Flame

Like everyone around the world I was shocked and saddened by the fire at the Notre Dame. This is my attempt to describe the impact that fire can have on things we treasure.  The Flame A flicker of a flame Seemingly innocent Dances discreetly  Disguising its intentions Fooling with the beauty Of its balletic movement  Rapidly the intensity The energy soon Becomes the enemy  A single dancer Seemlessly joined By a resilient partner Cajoling others To unite in the dance Of destruction An endless leaping chorus Creates a frenetic Fierce angry power Consuming all That dares to  Prevent its progression A devastating finale A woeful tragedy A flicker of a flame At first intoxicating Knows no limits  Till it brings the final Curtain down....

And here’s the news...

I am not very good at reading a newspaper, so I thought I would write a poem to summarise today’s news captured in The Mail on Sunday. I thought it might help me be more engaged.   And here’s the news... Vests stitched on by a bride who’s a Jihadi Shock horror Stacey Dooley Waltzes off with Kevin from Grimsby Boy mauled to death by a vicious bull dog Joey Barton once again acts like a thug Eco warriors planning a London Rampage Jude Law showing Y-fronts can’t be worn at any age Fleabag fashion’s all the rage Subo’s back on Saturday night TV A comeback appearance on BGT Homeowners confused which bin to put out Cocaine taking sailors up the spout  Men with beards are dirtier than dogs The West End battle of 80s pop gods I’ll quit before I find the next bit As it might be another tedious article ‘bout Brexit So that’s your titbits for today From articles in The Mail on Sunday. 

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is one of our favourite places...full stop. The ever changing scenery is complemented by wonderful art exhibitions, which are either displayed in the purpose built galleries or are strategically placed around the park. We visit at least once a quarter and every time we go we are excited at the art and countryside on display.  This is a poem I wrote some time back. The pictures are from our latest visit this week.  YSP There’s something wonderful about YSP For a moment in time you feel ecstatically free Wandering through parkland that’s spectacularly undulating Where nature and human intervention are constantly evolving Holding back the excitement of finding new treasures Of intrigue and wonderment in equal measures  Highlights for me were  pieces by Kaws  Pop art in the extreme deserving applause  Silver pieces  lovingly crafted by Not Vital  Or colourful insights by Paolozzi delightful Then there’s the spectacular tree by A


Yesterday was Mothering Sunday. I went over to Hornsea to see my mum. It is easy to take for granted what mums have done for you in the past. It is easy to forget when the tables turn and they need your help. A little poem that asks the question “Mums...who needs them?” (By the way the picture is the earliest photo I have of me, Lesley and my brother with my mum).  Mums Mums...who needs them? Cleaning up after all your mess A listening ear, to sooth your stress Checking that you’re safe and well Who dote on you when you excel Mums...who needs them? Making sure your pants are clean Before going out,check that you’ve been Pick your washing up from the floor Walk straight in, don’t knock on the door Mums...who needs them? Worry that you’ll come a cropper Get into trouble with the local copper Make a cake for your special day Slap on the Grecian before they go grey Mums...who needs them? Smother you with unconditional love To be the