Inspirational Drought


I am currently trying to write a poem a day for a full year. I have completed about 290. Usually I can complete one in about twenty minutes. Today I really struggled. I wrote two poems, however I didn’t think they were very good at all and threw them away. I started to feel quite frustrated with myself. I decided to write a poem about how I felt. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up with renewed inspiration!

Inspirational Drought

Today I’m feeling fraught.

Reeking in self doubt.

Challenging every thought.

An inspirational drought.

No time to think or cry.

Words,eliminated, erased

Before the ink is dry.

Quiet confidence replaced

With a hollow emptiness  

To express this pent up feeling

Of lost hope. A shallowness

Of sentiment that’s concealing

Those lost syllables of insight.

The dismal darkness descends 

As I desperately seek for the light,

Of returning creativity to transcend.


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