Pumped Up!

Yesterday I went with my mates on a bike ride to Marsden via a two mile hill up to Crosland Moor. Before setting off I decided to give my tyres a little more air than normal. Well I couldn’t believe the difference. Normally I am just looking forward to getting home and crash out exhausted.  Yesterday it felt like I had an electric motor on board. I hadn’t enjoyed a bike ride so much for years. It made me think what a difference a little more air made.

Pumped Up!!

I felt as though

I was flying through the air

Without a care in the world

Trees and hedges 

Passed in a blur

Hills seemed flatter

Slopes seemed faster

I could raise my eyes

From endless grey tarmac

Take in the mist

Far back in the distance

Have the breath

To engage in light chatter

On subjects irrelevant

Really didn’t matter

But the freedom felt liberating

Almost exhilarating 

To a point where

I didn’t want it to end

I couldn’t comprehend

The incredible difference 

The lack of feeling

Of trudging through treacle 

Of aching limbs

Of feeling unable

To keep up with my mate

On our biking date

I couldn’t believe

That a little more air

Pumped in the tyre

Could reignite my fire

My long lost desire

To enjoy the release

That notion of peace

Of riding my bike

In God’s country. 


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