Driving Round The Clock

Our plane from Krakow arrived in Heathrow an hour later than expected. Arriving back at our car at about 11:30 we had the dilemma...stay over at a Travelodge along the way or try and get home. We chose the latter option. I made it all the way to just outside Sheffield when I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. So I had a car nap in the service station car park while Lesley played Word With Friends. How many sad people are up at 3:00am playing Scabble online? Anyway we finally managed to get home at 4:00am. 

I’m writing this a little tired!!

Driving Round The Clock!

Driving in the dead of night

Gripping the wheel so very tight

Music blaring to keep awake

God I think I need a break

Stopping in the service station

A cold unwelcoming location

For a pick me up shot of coffee

To try to reignite my exhausted body 

A loo stop and we’re back in the car

Sat nav tells me we’ve still to go far

A swig of water, some chewing gum

A little bit of Wham I have a hum

A few miles later feeling drowsy 

Cats eyes passing feeling lousy

A trucker wakes me up in a flash

Had to move quick to avoid a crash

The miles seem to go by slower

Another strategy turn up the blower

A cold blast of air in the face

Try to keep my distance just in case

At last our home is finally in sight

A mighty battle, quite a fight

To navigate the ship back safely

Singing Rock Around The Clock with Bill Haley 


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