I Wish He’d Brought My Wellies

Today we went for a walk in Kent to burn off a few Christmas calories. Unfortunately I forgot to bring Lesley’s wellies and only brought her walking shoes. Foolishly I thought walking shoes were for walking!! Anyway I was in trouble for not bringing the wellies. (PS situation exaggerated in poem somewhat) 

I Wish He’d Brought My Wellies!

At the church over the stile

Onwards into the muddy field

Atmosphere a little hostile

Anger only vaguely concealed 

I wish he’d brought my wellies

Looking down, mud getting thicker

Backs of trousers splattered with dirt

Taking steps getting somewhat trickier

When she slaps me I hope it won’t hurt!

I wish he’d brought my wellies! 

Up and down the public pathways 

The moaning continued with vigour

Seemed to go on for days and days 

If she had a gun she’d pull the trigger

I wish he’d brought my wellies 

Well the walk was nearly over

Mud clarted on her shoes for all to see

Felt like we’d walked from Margate to Dover

Hope she’d find it in her heart to forgive me

I wish he’d brought my wellies. 


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