It’s Finally Over!

Still in the twilight zone between Christmas and New Year.  Too much time to think...and my thinking got me round to considering how much preparation goes into getting ready for just two days...

It’s Finally Over

Sixty days of preparation

Spending money no hesitation

Wrist hurting from writing cards

Happy Christmas yours regards

Trimming the tree with decorations

Collected from numerous nations

Ears hurting from Christmas songs

Presents bought to right the wrongs

Supermarket slogs to buy the turkey

Some little additions some quite quirky

Presents wrapped all glistening and shiny

Mine to the wife is a little tiny

A few glasses on Christmas Eve 

At last a time to relax and breathe

No young kids so we’re aloud to snooze

Just as well, as we drank too much booze

Turkey stuffed and in the oven

Table set for about a dozen 

Queen’s speech comes and goes 

Glued to the set some festive shows

Dinner downed with a glass of bubbly

Feeling stuffed, bloated and chubby

A few silly games to pass the time

Gin and T and a glass of wine

Comfy chair another snooze

Turkey sandwiches even more booze

Time for bed drunk too much ale

Need to get up for the Boxing Day sale

As if I needed more bloody shopping

Coffee and cake to stop me dropping

Twenty bags for life 

Some clothes for my wife

50 percent off what a bargain

Even something for the garden

Sixty days of preparation

A great deal of expectation

Finally over till next year

Ok then just one more beer!


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