Margate Christmas Parkrun

This morning, despite having a few beers last night, and it being Christmas we decided to take part in the Margate. Joining me was Lesley and my brother and sister in law, Paul and Lynne. Despite feeling a little delicate I managed to finish in about 25 minutes. 

Margate Christmas Park Run. 

Christmas hats

Runners knee

Bloke dressed up

As a Christmas tree

Some were keen

Some were not 

Down the boozer

Some had been. 

Park runners chatting 

Some like Santa 

Padding aplenty

Extra cladding

Starters gun

All elf let loose

Bobbing hats

Lots of fun 

Some were quick

Some were slow

Some too fast

Were nearly sick

Merry Christmas 

Happy New Year

Park run over

Time for a beer!!


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