Back of My Dad’s Car

I am not sure what got me thinking of back to the time, when I used to go for journeys, with my mum and dad, sat in the back of their car. How times have seat belts in those days and left in the car outside the pub for hours on end. Didn’t mind though as we got a bottle of pop to drink in the car. If we were lucky a bag of Smiths Crisps too! (The ones with the blue bag of salt in them) 

Back of My Dad’s Car

When I was young

It was an adventure 

To travel afar in the 

Back of my Dad’s car

There were no rules

No health and safety

No buckles and belts

Harnesses and boosters

Standing between the seats

Chatting to my dad 

Pretending to drive 

Fighting with my brother

Pulling faces at another

Driver in the following car

Kneeling on the plastic seats

Cold in winter

Hot in summer

You know the type

Dad puffing on his pipe

Creating a smog

Couldn’t see a thing

As we filled in 

Our I-Spy books

Looked for number plates

Or strange road signs 

Coke and crisps 

He would bring

When parked up

At a pub

While he popped in

For a pint

We didn’t mind

Waiting alone outside

It was an adventure

To travel afar in the 

Back of my Dad’s car. 


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