I’m a little scared...

I have been spending the week at my 85 year old mother’s house. It is sad to see how some previously active people deteriorate as they get older. As I pass the age that is generally regarded as middle age, thoughts turn to concerns about getting older...

I’m a little scared...

I’m a little scared

Of getting old

Of being well past

My sell by date

I’m a little scared

Of losing my mind

Not being able to think

Or contemplate

I’m a little scared

Of losing my function

My independence

Not able to operate

I’m a little scared

Of forgetting 

My name or people

Who I used to call my mate

I’m a little scared

Of frustrating

My wife and kids

While wallowing in a mixed up state

I’m a little scared

Is it down to me?

Can I not control?

Is it simply fortune and fate?


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