Sitting Tight in Lycra

I have always been a runner but last year I got into biking. Need to plan this year’s first ride ASAP. Need to try out some new Lycra Lesley bought me for Christmas!  

Sitting Tight in Lycra

Donned from head to toe in Lycra 

Bobbing in and out of traffic

Avoiding driver turning left in Micra

Skin tight almost pornographic

Oh for the joy of the bike

Wind blowing in the hair

Avoid being knocked into dyke

Lorry passing as close as he dare. 

Pushing hard up big hill

Lungs working to bursting point

Freewheeling down big thrill

Will never disappoint

I love driving in my car 

But on a bike there always a reaction

That even though you’ve travelled far

Finishing journey safe massive satisfaction.  


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