Yesterday we were out with friends and for no apparent reason I started whistling. It was commented on that there is not much whistling going on today. One thing led to another and we started thinking of phrases with whistle in them, e.g. whistle while you work. Then randomly I was challenged to put them into a poem. So the following piece of nonsense is the result; 


Way back when

When proper men

Whistled while they worked

Went for a beer or two

To whet their whistle

Whizzing on a 

Whistle stop tour

Pleading the players

To play to the whistle

Watching with wives

Whistle Down The wind

Way back when

When men knew nowt

Knew nowt about art

New nothing of 

The artist Whistler

Couldn’t use the hoover

Hadn’t been on a holiday

To Whistler in Vancouver

Well that’s enough of me and me whistle. 

Don’t get this epistle?

Well you know what you can do!

Go whistle! 


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