What if...?

A little ditty today about the Brexit cargo ferry fiasco.

What if....?

What if Santa had no sleigh?

Or BA no aeroplanes?

What if Amazon had no vans?

Or Coca Cola had no cans?

What if Stobart had no lorries?

Or ITV had no Corries?

What if your Bank had no money?

Or bees had no honey?

Where would we be?

What if the Sahara had no sand?

Or no instruments in the band?

What if Ant had no Dec?

Hang on a minute wait a sec!

What if fish had no chips?

Or weight didn’t go on the hips?

What if Greggs had no sausage rolls?

Or football had no goals?

What if the BBC had no license fee?

Or no spray tan on Strictly?

What if M&S had no knickers?

Or the church had no vicars?

What if Grayling had no ships

Oh he didn’t...shit! 


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