And here’s the news...

I am not very good at reading a newspaper, so I thought I would write a poem to summarise today’s news captured in The Mail on Sunday. I thought it might help me be more engaged.  

And here’s the news...

Vests stitched on by a bride who’s a Jihadi
Shock horror Stacey Dooley
Waltzes off with Kevin from Grimsby
Boy mauled to death by a vicious bull dog
Joey Barton once again acts like a thug
Eco warriors planning a London Rampage
Jude Law showing Y-fronts can’t be worn at any age
Fleabag fashion’s all the rage
Subo’s back on Saturday night TV
A comeback appearance on BGT
Homeowners confused which bin to put out
Cocaine taking sailors up the spout 
Men with beards are dirtier than dogs
The West End battle of 80s pop gods
I’ll quit before I find the next bit
As it might be another tedious article ‘bout Brexit
So that’s your titbits for today
From articles in The Mail on Sunday. 


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