Writing poetry seems a strange process to me. This afternoon I was feeling great, we have had a good run this morning, just had a great break with our friends at Hadrian’s Wall and yet when I sat down to write a poem, this flowed out of the keyboard. I am not sure where it came from. It certainly doesn’t reflect how I feel today, or thankfully, most days. Maybe it is inspired by times when I haven’t been quite so at peace with life. Long may the good times continue!!


Somedays there’s just rubbish
Rattling in my head
Somedays I might as well 
Not get out of bed
Somedays when the weather’s
Pissing down outside
Somedays to live or die
I simply can’t decide
Somedays I’m feeling sedentary
Lacking in motivation
Somedays my head bangs
Can’t keep my concentration
Somedays I feel that I’m alone
Desperate to feel some love
Somedays I need some help
Look to the higher one above
Somedays I fear to venture out
Frightened of the unknown
Somedays I feel like a stranger
When no one rings my phone
Somedays I feel of little worth
When singled out for criticism
Somedays I just don’t believe
Full of doubt and cynicism 
Somedays I have a single thought
To keep this evil at bay
Somedays I have to remember
That tomorrow’s another day!


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