And Here’s The News (26th April 2020)

Tory Grandees lockdown release pleas

Drug shortages bring NHS to its knees

Gee Wizz budget airline spreads its wings

Virtual online orgies titillation it brings

Forget the moonshine it’s bootleg beauticians

Homeless swap streets for hotel suite conditions 

Spring cleaning’s gone mad, we’ve all gone chore crazy 

Except me of course I’m still being bloody lazy

Lockdown crop pickers pick for Britain

I’m so bloody bored I’ve taken up knitting

We’ll have to wait a while for a virus vaccine 

Lockdown protest only seven can be seen

Kim Jong-Un is he really a gonner?

Surely it’s time to give Captain Tom an honour

So that’s the news of the weekend in rhymes

Mainly from the latest edition of the Sunday Times. 


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