Time on Hands

No more rushing for the train

No more dodging the rain

No more busy working days

No more tedious surveys

No more stuck in traffic jams

No more stuffy city trams 

No more last minute breaks

No more business hand shakes

No more flashy foreign travel

No more trips across the channel

No more luxuriating on a cruise

No more gramming foreign views

No more dancing in the club

No more nipping out for grub

No more cheering for your team

No more fun parks extreme

No more singing in the crowd

No more kissing folk allowed

Time to strengthen family ties

Time to appreciate blue skies

Time to stop, listen and learn

Time to chip in and do your turn

Time to understand the bard

Time to clear out the yard

Time to play with your son

Time to have lots of fun

Time to visualise the future

Time to regain your humour

Time to binge on a box set

Time to take up the clarinet

Time to learn a foreign tongue

Time to sing a favourite song

Time to look in loved ones eyes

Time to catch a sunrise

Time to dream of foreign lands

Time to have time on hands


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