A couple of days ago I was watching “James May Our Man in Japan” on TV. He talked about Haikus.  I have not written a Haiku before so I thought I would have a go. And I wrote six! Living with ADHD these short poems are ideal! I can just about keep my attention until I finish it!!Haiku

Today another run Wind and rain falling down Leave the trainers off Trees sparkle in sun Breaking the winter gloom Till shadows descend Heart beating so fast Pavement travels under foot Hoping that I last Sculpture in the park Adorning every nook and cranny Waiting to be found A cup of Yorkshire tea Nowt as good that can be found Especially with cake! Twenty twenty’s here Time to bring in some change Pray it will remain

The Masterpiece

Yesterday we went to The Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. Spending time looking at paintings by David Hockney and Alan Davie inspired me to write the following poem written from the point of view of the painting itself...The Masterpiece

Hanging patiently revelling in my gloriousnessWaiting for glances offered in my directionI exist to amuse, to confuse, to spark conversationTo extract opinion from those who knowTo entice a reaction from those who don’tThere are those who pass with a cursory glanceThere are those who stand engrossed in a tranceI speak in silence about sexuality about humanity About insanity, immortality, immorality and brutalityI speak volumes about my creatorTransmitting their emotions with every brushstrokeWith every choice of colour palette With far reaching composition and texture. Exposing their inner most thoughts, beliefs and ideas to live forever on canvass. 

Leafy Outpost

Sometimes when you meet people what you see doesn’t necessarily represent what’s going on beneath the surface.

Leafy Outpost 
In a leafy outpost where tranquility lays side by side with nature.  Where flighted birds animate the sky and squirrels scamper up lush green trees wafting in the breeze.  In a place where no one would suspect lives a troubled soul.  Surviving on instinct against the perpetual commentary that he is so lucky, so fortunate.  Behind the envied espoused image of the perfect life, lies a bleak tortuous reality of a man fighting himself.  As each day passes, he lays a marker that he survived, that he floated above deep dark issues.  He wants to be free, be normal, interact with humanity like others seem to do.  He wants to smile, not just for selfies, but because he can’t help it.  He wants to laugh, share jokes, transform existence to another level.  He wants to cry, when he sees something melancholy, not because he can’t help it.  Looking out he wants to breathe in the magnif…

And Here’s The News (4th November 2019)

The latest in my occasional series of topical poems about what’s in today’s paper .

Countess distraught as she’s chucked off Strictly 5000 diabetics every day very sickly London to Brighton car rally tragedy Farage won’t stand as a Brexit MP McDonnell in a tis over anti semitism  Boris Johnson decides on a fracking ban Bloke’s very lucky to get his violin back Complicated recycling in boxes and a sack Jacklyn Smith,Angel, good at 74 Bernard 93 shows the burglar the door Andre Gomes, Everton injury a horror Nikita Parris talks about her career before her Finally Braingasm’s the latest thing Makes going to the gym go with a swing So that’s the news in minute detail From today’s edition of the Daily Mail!


We are currently enjoying a fabulous holiday in Colorado.  We have all fell in love with this place. Hence the inspiration for today’s poem: 


You had me at hello Colorado. You welcomed me with open arms. You blitzed me with your effervescent charms. You dazzled me with autumn hues. You spoilt me with your awesome views. You chilled me with your laid back ways. You released my angst with stress free days. You showed us how to live each day. You showed us how to relax and play. You showed us that we cannot deny That we will be sad to say goodbye!

We Shall Fight Them Bitches

Today I have temporarily moved away from my poetry and in the light of recent developments in the Brexit fiasco looked at, tongue in cheek, at what Boris’s “We Shall Fight Them On the Beaches” speech could look like...We Shall Fight Them BitchesWe shall go on to the end, we shall fight in Brussels, we shall fight on the front benches and back benches we shall fight with shrinking confidence and shrinking strength in the polls, we shall defend our Brexit, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight each other on the beaches, we shall fight at the despatch box, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,we shall fight in the hills; unlike Jeremy Corbyn,we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving due to a no deal Brexit , then our dwindling influence beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the Irish Border control would carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time, the New World, with all i…

Art Space

Last week we visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and wandered around The Underground Gallery.  There was an exhibition of sculptures by David Smith. I love modern art but for the life of me can never work out what it represents until I read the caption attached to the nearby gallery wall. Even then the language is often so complex that I am sometimes none the wiser. This poem is inspired by this recent visit. 
Art Space
One by one they pass by Circling the welded iron puzzles Scratching heads, quizzical frowns Knowing looks, a few little sniggers Echoing in the white walled temple Wise ones watch on knowingly Stirred by insights hidden Beneath the mystery of art itself  Hanging on adjacent walls Language poetic and pithy Aim to educate the bewildered Making sense of what Some see as nonsense Harbouring a need to fulfil The hunger for justification An explanation to unravel The mystical masterpiece.


Today on the news I read that President Trump was concentrating defence activity on protecting satellites from enemy fire.
It got me thinking;

The Satellite
Son, they’ve shot the satellite
World War 3 has broken out
No nuclear explosions
No sneaking in like Trojans
No fighting in the trenches
No breaching of early warning defences
No blitzing of towns and cities
No celebrating battle victories
No men in bombers and tanks
No panic and run on the banks
No cyber threat to turn lights out
No rationing and doing without
Son they’ve shot the satellite
This will cause chaos and strife
Change forever modern life
Subsistence and degradation
Leaving in it’s wake a lost nation
Mourning the elimination of satellite navigation.

Human Space

Today we had a fantastic day in Ramsgate and Broadstairs. The sun shined, for once, on a bank holiday weekend, and the crowds descended onto the beach. It got me thinking though. How come we spend most of our life seeking more space but when the sun comes out we huddle together on a crowded beach...and love it!
Human Space
Humans are a funny species We long for more space A bigger house, an extension A garden with a large luxuriant lawn A bigger car, space on a train A bed on a first class flight Take delight in a queen sized bed Get shirty when the council Wants to build in my back yard Find it hard when stuffed on a tube Get in a mad mood when someone Anyone invades my space Can’t win the race to get To the front of the queue Feel blue when there’s just too many people So why on earth do we descend  Like sheep on steroids and speed When the sun hits the sky Why oh why do we decide to flee Leave the town and city To be beside the sea.