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The Playground

This morning I was reminiscing about my school days, particularly, as it was called in those day, “playtime”. I couldn’t wait for the bell to ring and to start playing football with a stocking filled with newspapers!  The Playground Ring ring ring ring Playtime was about to begin A cacophony, a wall of sound Children running all around Coats with hoods worn like a cape Imaginary Batman was their escape British bulldog, boisterous boys Shouting, running, plenty of noise No balls allowed, not deterred Stocking filled with paper, preferred One, two, a kick, a flick Soggy ball felt like a brick Competitive conkers, could it be fatal? Girls together, enjoying cats cradle Marble, clackers, a game of jacks Played behind the teacher’s backs Timid ones stand and watch Popular girls play hopscotch Eyes closed shut, first embrace Purposely caught at kiss chase One eye open for the school bully A stocky scruffy lad called Sully What cross did he have to bear  Running around pulling girls hair Ki


Today’s poem is about how life is spent searching. This could be searching for happiness. Searching for an escape from the stresses and strains of everyday living. Searching for a new goal in life. Maybe we spend too much time searching when everything we have is within touching distance.  Searching Searching, searching Searing heat soothed By delicate summer showers Calmness induced By melodious medicine Searching, searching Cravings mitigated By nature’s nourishment Creaking bones eased By lazy days on a sun drenched beach Searching, searching Anxious mind comforted By a friend who listens without judgement or accusation Stressed soul massaged By a cool shimmering pool Searching searching Volume of life reduced By wise words on a page Connection with family bonded By a compendium of life’s lessons Searching searching An infatuation with wisdom healed  By seeking solace in others Emptiness and loneliness filled By co


Yesterday I got into a miserable mood for no real reason. I put it down to being tired and dehydrated. It’s amazing where and how debilitating moods take us over and change our whole outlook on life. Thankfully like most storm clouds they soon pass.  Mood Hiding away Like a bug  Under a rock It lays there Away from prying eyes Invisible, silent Dormant Content for the moment Until it’s awoken From slumber It creeps out When least expected Gets under the skin Crawls into reality Creating turbulence Wave upon wave Of sadness and heartache Of shame and destruction  An unwanted disruption To life’s gentle rhythms Pray go away My deep dark desperate Mood! 

Is This Our Destiny?

I was reading articles about how it is Liverpool’s Destiny to lift the European Cup. It got me thinking about how much influence we have over “Destiny”.  Is this our destiny? Is this our destiny? Is the course pre-ordained Are we sleep walking To a promised land? That doesn’t exist! Or have we taken control? Grasped the choices Let our voices Be heard Be influenced By intuition  By a gut feeling By a sense of healing Of dealing with life’s  Challenges and opportunities Have we chosen a path? Well trodden? Clearly marked? Or a maze  Of new experience New emotions New senses That delight And fright? Is this our destiny? Will we ever know?