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A couple of days ago I was watching “James May Our Man in Japan” on TV. He talked about Haikus.  I have not written a Haiku before so I thought I would have a go. And I wrote six! Living with ADHD these short poems are ideal! I can just about keep my attention until I finish it!! Haiku Today another run Wind and rain falling down Leave the trainers off Trees sparkle in sun Breaking the winter gloom Till shadows descend Heart beating so fast Pavement travels under foot Hoping that I last Sculpture in the park Adorning every nook and cranny Waiting to be found A cup of Yorkshire tea Nowt as good that can be found Especially with cake! Twenty twenty’s here Time to bring in some change Pray it will remain

The Masterpiece

Yesterday we went to The Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. Spending time looking at paintings by David Hockney and Alan Davie inspired me to write the following poem written from the point of view of the painting itself... The Masterpiece Hanging patiently revelling in my gloriousness Waiting for glances offered in my direction I exist to amuse, to confuse, to spark conversation To extract opinion from those who know To entice a reaction from those who don’t There are those who pass with a cursory glance There are those who stand engrossed in a trance I speak in silence about sexuality about humanity  About insanity, immortality, immorality and brutality I speak volumes about my creator Transmitting their emotions with every brushstroke With every choice of colour palette  With far reaching composition and texture.  Exposing their inner most thoughts, beliefs and ideas to live forever on canvass.