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Anglesey Visit

This this week Lesley and I visited the beautiful Anglesey. We only went for two days but experienced enough of this peaceful island to know that we will return very soon.  The most stunning place we visited was Newborough Beach which was up there with anything we had experienced in the Caribbean. The weather for March was above expectations. It was perfect!

Trainers Trainers  Please have a look at my latest video about how,in the old days, you weren’t allowed in anywhere in trainers. Sometimes you also had to wear a tie! No. No. No!  Where do you think you are going in them? What’s wrong with my trainers? You’re not going in there with them! But they’re new!  They cost me quite a few quid” I don’t care if they did you’re not going in there! Look his shoes are threadbare. How come you’re letting him in? Simple...he’s not wearing trainers. He’s hardly wearing anything! Don’t matter rules is rules you can’t go in them.  What if I take them off. Can I go in then? Don’t be stupid my man we don’t allow bare feet. We have our standards to meet!  Go home and change your trainers and while you’re at it get a tie! 

What if...?

A little ditty today about the Brexit cargo ferry fiasco. What if....? What if Santa had no sleigh? Or BA no aeroplanes? What if Amazon had no vans? Or Coca Cola had no cans? What if Stobart had no lorries? Or ITV had no Corries? What if your Bank had no money? Or bees had no honey? Where would we be? What if the Sahara had no sand? Or no instruments in the band? What if Ant had no Dec? Hang on a minute wait a sec! What if fish had no chips? Or weight didn’t go on the hips? What if Greggs had no sausage rolls? Or football had no goals? What if the BBC had no license fee? Or no spray tan on Strictly? What if M&S had no knickers? Or the church had no vicars? What if Grayling had no ships Oh he didn’t...shit! 

Locked in Love

I am not good at writing love poems. However today I was inspired by this photo I took to write about the special relationship I have with my wife Lesley. Locked in Love Two hearts Learning to beat As one Love growing stronger Our time on earth Is not done My hope  My desire  Our energy Smouldering Like a smoking gun  Nothing will ever, ever Tear us apart The padlocks  To our hearts Locked together forever!