Please have a look at my latest video about how,in the old days, you weren’t allowed in anywhere in trainers. Sometimes you also had to wear a tie!

No. No. No! 

Where do you think you are going in them?

What’s wrong with my trainers?

You’re not going in there with them!

But they’re new! 

They cost me quite a few quid”

I don’t care if they did you’re not going in there!

Look his shoes are threadbare. How come you’re letting him in?

Simple...he’s not wearing trainers.

He’s hardly wearing anything!

Don’t matter rules is rules you can’t go in them. 

What if I take them off. Can I go in then?

Don’t be stupid my man we don’t allow bare feet.

We have our standards to meet! 

Go home and change your trainers and while you’re at it get a tie! 


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