Block Paving

Cleaning my front drive block pavement

Is not my kind of fun or entertainment

I’d spent weeks watching the weeds ignoring

The task that I knew would be so boring

So today out came my pressure washer

To clean separately each block right proper

With the powerful machine in my hands 

And all the energy that it demands

Each block separately needed addressing

Oh god such tedium simply quite depressing

Splashing the muck all over my feet 

Bloody hell I wish I’d got concrete

Buzz buzz buzz went the spraying machine

As hard as I tried it wouldn’t quickly clean

Spray splashing up windows and walls

Oh god my beautiful clean glass she bawls

The vibrations totally gave me the jitters 

As a mass escape by the hiding critters

Trying to avoid a certain death

More dramatic than in Macbeth

At last the job was finally done

How can anyone see this as fun

So here’s to a few precious months when

I’ll have to start the bloody thing all over again!


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