The briefing made it loud and clear 

That we would have to persevere 

To reach the summit, the iconic O2

To witness a simply stunning view

I’ve got to admit I didn’t like the harness much

Gave me a wedgy, too tight on the crutch 

The walking shoes completed the kit

Another reminder it would help to be fit. 

We made our way up stairs to the start

The gradient of the walk, a flutter of the heart

Hooked on the line we started the climb

Gingerly making progress not looking for a time

Step by step the vista magnificently appeared 

All our fears melted away, disappeared

Canary Wharf majestic in the sunlight 

Seen at its best from this amazing height 

At the summit we were unshackled, let free

To take in the view, pose for a selfie

It felt amazing, it felt like home

To be on top of the Millennium Dome. 


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