Chucking out time

I’m on a bit of a roll...another nostalgic look at Hull. Maybe it’s an age thing!! Today I am looking back to the endless nights spent waiting for a taxi in shirt sleeves in the middle of the winter. This was the norm in Hull following nightclubs chucking out at 2:00am. One of our favourites was Romeo and Juliet’s (pictured). Anyway here’s today’s poem. 

Chucking out time

Flocking onto the street

Nightclub revellers slightly worse for wear

Struggling to keep on their feet

Some being sick holding back their hair

Shirt sleeved shivering

Standing by the taxi rank

Some couples bickering

In doorways of the local bank

Queued up at the Bun in Oven

Waiting for a cone of chips

Not one or two a dozen

Girls in frocks and little slips

Lingering notes of cheap perfume

To move along was the norm

To displays of fires in the gas showroom

Where miraculously they kept us warm

Our taxis took an age to come

Life was never ever dull

A night on the town was so much fun

The centre of our universe: Hull. 


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