What if...

Not sure what sparked my reflective mood this morning...maybe it was a picture of me, that Lesley took last night, when I returned from football training with me wearing a hoodie. I have got to admit that it was not the most flattering picture. I guess it got me thinking that the time for comfortably wearing hoodies has past me by...

So today’s poem is a reflection on life...the picture above shows four generations of my family. My grandma, my mum, me and Emily. (Matthew doesn’t like his image on social media!)

What if....

What if we could turn back the clock?

Live our life with lessons learnt

Fulfil dreams that passed us by

Appreciate fully earth and sky

What if we could be that boy again?

Living free, no cares in the world

Exciting experiences fresh and new

No predication, an innocent view

What if we could be that young man again?

Full of energy, passion and desire

For a future of endless possibilities

Devoid of debilitating responsibilities 

What if we could be that new husband again?

With limitless, boundless love to share

To build a beautiful family life

Full of precious moments and little strife

What if we could be that new dad again?

Holding the first born in our arms

Catching our baby start to walk

Utter the first words, begin to talk

What if we could have that career again?

Full of new experiences, highs and lows

Promotions aplenty that made us proud

The comfortable life that it allowed

What if we could look forward to all that lies before us?

Appreciate every single moment

As though it were sitting in the past

Imagining this very second was the last. 


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