When shitty food was too expensive! 

We were having a discussion today about why people are so obese today. I don’t know whether my memory is playing tricks but when I was a kid things like takeaways seemed too expensive. (That was when you could find one!) It feels like all the foods bad for us are now cheap and all the good stuff too expensive. The opposite of what it was when I was a lad! 

The Shitty Foods Were Too Expensive

When I was a lad 

We couldn’t afford

To be fat

Except that is for my dad

All the shitty food 

Was far too expensive 

Everything eaten

Seemed to be stewed 

A simple take away 

Was a packed lunch

No Burger King or Krispy Kreme

Tempting us as there is today

We had bangers and mash

Beans on toast 

Occasionally a Sunday roast

A lovely comforting corned beef hash

As a treat we had a Vesta Curry

Or a bowl of Angel Delight

Sometimes a lovely trifle

Only when we had enough money

My mum made sure 

We ate our greens

Cabbages sprouts 

Nothing exotic nothing obscure

We couldn’t afford to be fat

We simply ate 

What we were given 

And that was that!


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