The Playground

This morning I was reminiscing about my school days, particularly, as it was called in those day, “playtime”. I couldn’t wait for the bell to ring and to start playing football with a stocking filled with newspapers! 

The Playground

Ring ring ring ring

Playtime was about to begin

A cacophony, a wall of sound

Children running all around

Coats with hoods worn like a cape

Imaginary Batman was their escape

British bulldog, boisterous boys

Shouting, running, plenty of noise

No balls allowed, not deterred

Stocking filled with paper, preferred

One, two, a kick, a flick

Soggy ball felt like a brick

Competitive conkers, could it be fatal?

Girls together, enjoying cats cradle

Marble, clackers, a game of jacks

Played behind the teacher’s backs

Timid ones stand and watch

Popular girls play hopscotch

Eyes closed shut, first embrace

Purposely caught at kiss chase

One eye open for the school bully

A stocky scruffy lad called Sully

What cross did he have to bear 

Running around pulling girls hair

Kids frantic fun loving and free

Quashed forever by health and safety!

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  1. We sometime remember of our childhood days and share with nearest but it was over, we need to find that whatever its like or worst and learn from it and teach our children to bear of that which we made mistakes at that time.


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